Military & Security Products

Parallax Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of military and security products designed to protect and ensure safety for individuals and organizations around the world. Our products are crafted with a state-of-the-art engineering design to provide the highest level of defense possible. Our wide range of defense solutions includes advanced optical camera systems, motion sensing technology, RFID tags, smart locks and more.

Our optical camera systems feature high tech infrared sensors and ultra-sensitive image sensors that can detect subtle differences in temperature and light spectrum to detect any potential threats with pinpoint accuracy. Our motion sensing technology accurately detects any suspicious activity or movement within a designated area, prompting an alert to notify personnel when necessary. We also provide RFID tags that can be used on assets or personnel to track their location in order to maintain control over your property. Finally, our smart locks allow you to lock or unlock doors based on pre-programmed access codes from anywhere in the world via a secure cloud connection.

In addition to our physical products, we offer innovative software solutions designed for maximum security protocols including two factor authentication processes for user access management, biometric identification for securing equipment, as well as customized encryption software for secure data transfer across networks or cloud storage systems. Together these features provide customers with an enhanced level of protection that can’t be found elsewhere.

At Parallax Technologies we strive to create custom products tailored specifically for each customer’s individual needs so they can always trust they are receiving the best possible product available on the market today. With experience in both the military and private sectors, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive security solutions backed by proven results, so customers rest assured knowing their investments have been made wisely.

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